Tim Ocel

Stage Director
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Tim is a very busy freelance director based in St. Louis, MO. He wanted a site that would feature his portfolio and excellent press quotes, but didn’t want anything too busy. We kept it simple and clean, with great photography and a nice color scheme.
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When we first created my website in 2010 I knew nothing of the Web World and still don’t. But it doesn’t matter since Jim takes care of everything: updating, fixes, and keeping current with the latest technologies. All I do is provide information/content and Jim does everything else. I couldn’t be happier! Turnaround with updates is always quick and collaborative: he posts and proofs; I double proof; it’s up and going; no muss, no fuss. He makes great suggestions about both content and layout, and delivers what I think I want with the eye of the professional that he is. I’ve always been extremely happy with my website; the look, the colors, how easy it is to navigate, the practicality of the layout…and, the price is reasonable and fair (and deductible)!

Tim Ocel