Robert Harriell

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Rob is a New York based actor, screenplay writer and entrepeneur. He wanted to convert his site to WordPress, so that he could update the site himself. He’s also working on a Hot Sauce called Rude Red Awesome Sauce.
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I really like my original website design, but it was so complicated that I couldn’t do any updates without help. Jim suggested a WordPress conversion so that I could gain control of my content. I was a little concerned because I knew nothing about WordPress and didn’t know if my site design would change. Jim made the transition effortless. He quickly taught me basics and I was up and running, doing my own updates, in no time at all. And the new website? It looks better than the original. On all screen sizes.

I can’t recommend Jim highly enough. His attention to detail and easy to talk to manner make him a no-brainer for any of my website needs.

Robert Harriell

Actor, Screen Writer, Entrepeneur