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Little Spaceman Music is the web page for composer/orchestrator Gregg Coffin. He needed a WordPress site that could connect people with examples of his work in several different fields, and one that he could update himself.
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Jim’s the best! I asked him to set up a WordPress site for me that I could change from time to time. Not only did he help me create a great structure, layout, and look for the overall site, but he taught me all the processes I needed to know in order to update any of my content: changing out media, adding pages, you name it – Jim knows how to get it done and how to explain it in concise and understandable terms. And he’s a phone call or an email away if I need a refresher course. I love my site. I love how it looks, how it moves, how it’s organized and how accessible it is. Jim’s a great collaborator and he made the design process a total blast. He’s quick, he’s smart, and he has a solution for any challenge you might come across. Run, don’t walk, to work with him!

Gregg Coffin

Owner, Little Spaceman Music